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Mens Historical Shoes and Boots by American Duchess. Well-made, sturdy, and attractive 18th century, Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian footwear from court pumps to latchet shoes, ankle boots to tall Hessian boots, made in top-grade materials and built to last. American Duchess mens line are made specifically for historical reenactors, costumers, and performers. These historic reproduction boots are excellent for presentation and performance from battlefield to Broadway and feature the correct silhouettes, fit, and materials expected in refined mens historical footwear.

About Us

American Duchess is a small, historical, reproduction footwear company based in Reno, Nevada, USA. It was born from one costumer's inability to find elegant, affordable, comfortable and historically accurate footwear. Partnering with a community of hundreds of frustrated costumers around the world, we now manufacture a growing line of beautifully hand crafted Renaissance, 18th Century, Regency, Edwardian and Victorian shoes as well as reproduction shoe buckles and silk stockings.

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920 Matley Ln, Suite 2,
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