How To Apply Self-Adhesive Suede Soles for Dancing

Self-adhesive suede soles are a great way to convert any shoe for ballroom dancing. While unnecessary for shoes with real leather soles, suede soles will make synthetic-soled shoes, such as Gibson, 23Skidoo, and Claremont, dance-floor capable. We recommend purchasing your self-adhesive suede soles from

Easily apply your suedes by following these directions:

1. Clean the bottoms of your shoes with a steel brush, before application.

2. Sitting in a chair, hold the shoe sole-up between your legs.

3. Each pair has a left and right suede - make sure you are applying the correct side, suede side down (touching the floor when you stand).

4. If needed, cut the suede to size with a pair of sharp scissors.

5. When you are ready to apply, peel back the toe end of the liner about a half inch, and lightly stick to the toe end of the shoe.  Orient the remainder of the suede sole so that it is aligned with the shoe sole.  Gently push down on the tip of the toe to securely attach the suede to the shoe.

6. Slowly and carefully peel back more of the liner while rolling the stick-on sole onto the shoe sole.

7. When both suede soles are attached, put the shoes on and stand on a hard surface for one minute, shifting your weight so that all points of the suede sole receive weight.  Now your suede soles are permanently attached!


  • Suede soles are excellent for dancing on hardwood dance floors.  They are NOT recommended for nightclubs, streetwear, or any abrasive surfaces.  Abrasive surfaces will destroy your suede soles.
  • Clean your suedes with a wire brush, avoiding the edges.
  • If at any point your suedes detach, super glue can be used to re-bond them to your shoes.

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